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    WHAT:  fun-focused female only free-form dance! (About)

    Mt Pleasant Community Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

    Tuesdays @ 8:15PM
    (see current dates)

    HOW MUCH: $7
    Pay at the main desk and bring your receipt to class.

    Contact Darlene @ darmirara(at)gmail(dot)com

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DJ Dr Feelgood’s Variety Pak!

DDPP Playlist #8

Our DJ mixed it up this week by dropping the need to theme – this was her Variety Pak!






mmmmm 80’s goth…


Feeling Mighty Real!

DDPP Playlist #7.PNG

This past Tuesday we kicked things off with DJ Dr. Feelgood’s “Dancing Makes Me Feel Mighty Real” mix! This playlist had a few funky remixes, plus a load of tunes I’d never heard before. Great work as always Dr.!

A trippy video recommended by our DJ! :

Aaaaaaaand this too cause I can’t get it outta my head!

<Apologies for the major delay in posting! This Den Mama’s schedule is a little bananas right now>

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