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Ball of Confusion!


“Because I usually have mixed multiple themes – I just called it Ball of Confusion but one of the themes was because of a private home video party I had with my youngest brother – he reminded me of some fun dance club tunes by some twins (Gemini). 😉 And the tribute to superheroes for Roger Moore & Adam West RIP.” – DJ DEBonAir

Haven’t heard this song since Duran Duran covered it in the 90’s! Good one 🙂

Mood Swings Mix


Surprise – DJ DEBonAir is back! After her extended hiatus it was great to see DEBonAir & many of our other regulars tonight.  Like the weather lately, this playlist is MOODY – “ups & downs & all around, highs & lows”… I totally feel it too, as I had the same idea for next week! Something in the (hot, then stormy, then damp) air perhaps.

This video still kind of creeps me out, even though the song and dancing are amazing!


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