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Hamlet @TheCultch ‏ !

Dear Dancers,
I don’t normally use this blog for non-dancey business, but I simply must support my nearest and dearest! Last night I saw Hamlet by Sandbox Theatre Productions. Our very own assistant Den Mama Tara Webster has been working on this show all year, alongside J-C Roy (who happens to be my significant other) 😉


There are still 8 chances left to see this show so get your tix!

Wednesday through Saturday nights from June 14th to 24th.
Performances begin at 7:30pm SHARP at the Cultch Theatre in East Vancouver.
Tickets: $30 Adults, $25 Students/Seniors, Group rates available
Contact 604-251-1363 or visit the website: https://thecultch.com/events/hamlet/

If you don’t know Hamlet (!):
A father’s death and his mother’s hasty marriage provoke thoughts of murder and vengeance that push Hamlet’s mind to madness. His suspicions of foul play lead to dangerous manipulations of friends and family in order to uncover the supernatural truth behind it all. As questions consume him and his reality blurs he must make a choice and seal his fate once and for all.

But most importantly:
This play contains ghostly figures, devious manipulations, twisted realities, and lewd jokes and behaviour!” <— AKA FUN TIMES!

DJ Darfunkel’s personal review : This is not highbrow Shakespeare – this is REAL Shakespeare. Dark and sometimes disturbing, passionate yet somehow filled with humor and levity – rather like life itself. Set in something like the present, with modern dress & *exceptional* music choices. Ten marvelous actors play the full cast with some re-arrangements to the original text that only English nerds (and I say that lovingly ’cause I am one) will notice and appreciate for creativity.
I sincerely hope you make time for this wonderful production – support your local arts scene and (slightly indirectly) your friends at DDPP VanCity.

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All Natural Music-Based Mood Booster!

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 12.05.20 PM

When last week’s surprise mix turned out to have the same Mood Swings theme that I had planned for this week, I decided to make mine focus on the upswing: Mood Boosters! These are songs that not only make me want to shake my groove thing, but also tend to have a generally positive or inspirational vibe, with lyrics ranging from earnest to silly.

Former: (with a nod to my Portuguese heritage…)

Como uma força que ninguém pode parar = A strength/power no one can stop! (roughly)

Latter: NSFW! (she’s like a dirty JEM doll)

You know I’m bringing bombastic / I’m feeling freaking fantastic!

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