• The Basics

    WHAT:  fun-focused female only free-form dance! (About)

    Mt Pleasant Community Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

    Tuesdays @ 8:15PM
    (see current dates)

    HOW MUCH: $7
    Pay at the main desk and bring your receipt to class.

    Contact Darlene @ darmirara(at)gmail(dot)com

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Sign up for a date by contacting your Den Mama DJ Darfunkel!

7472d41ad690b2d8da1274c7c5a63c48#1 Create a Name :

First thing’s first – think of a sweet DJ name you’d like to go by!

#2 Create a Playlist : Use iTunes, Spotify, or whatever musical organizational system you choose. If you don’t know how to do this ask your dance sisters for help!

tips on making an awesome playlist…

* VARIETY!  Mix up eras & genres: DDPP brings ladies of varying ages and interests, so it’s great to have something for everyone.

* This is a DANCE PARTY! Songs about dancing and partying are a good start. Guilty pleasure music puts smiles on faces.

* FEEL THE RHYTHM!  Too many bouncy songs in a row can tire people out, throw in something groovy so we can have a break every now and then.

* REVIEW! Look at the last few set-lists. This will give you an idea of the type of music we’re into, PLUS it’s best to avoid repeating a song we JUST danced to last week.

* TRY IT OUT! Make sure to listen to your mix from start to finish to make sure the flow works! It’s a good idea to enable “CROSS-FADING” on your music player… this avoids low-energy gaps between songs. If you can’t find it or don’t have it, don’t worry about it.

*COOL-DOWN Your last song should give us a chance to slow down and stretch it out.

<<<Your list must be between 55-58 minutes>>>


#3 Send the Den Mama a screen-shot : Send an image of your list so we can post it on the blog. Please send it by the AM of the day you are DJ-ing! If screenshots don’t work for you, just send a typed list.

#4 Bring your music to class : Show up a bit early on that date with your mix on your iPod, mp3 player, laptop, or you can go old-school and burn a CD! Our in-studio stereo will plug into the headphone jack on your device (or we’ll pop the disc in) and after a quick soundcheck we’ll be dancin’!

freeBONUS: The DJ gets FREE entry to DDPP ! ! ! *Please note!* If you have registered and prepaid for a series (at a discounted rate of $5/class) this bonus doesn’t apply. However, if you plan on attending every class it is still cheaper to register than to skip paying the drop-in once or twice a series!



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