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    WHAT:  fun-focused female only free-form dance! (About)

    Mt Pleasant Community Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

    Tuesdays @ 8:15PM
    (see current dates)

    HOW MUCH: $7
    Pay at the main desk and bring your receipt to class.

    Contact Darlene @ darmirara(at)gmail(dot)com

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Pre-Halloween / Anniversary!


DJ DEBonAir is back at it again, celebrating 2 years of attending DDPP Vancouver! As one of our most committed members, Deb is a regular DJ who likes to make multi-themed playlists. This weeks’ was a combination of Halloween horror & celebrating some of her personal anniversaries including 20 years in Vancouver! We’re lucky to have you Deb 😀

I must admit, this haunted house themed music video from the 90’s kind of warms my heart, even though 90’s me would never have admitted to liking boy bands!



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