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DDPP no more in Van but here’s some alternatives

Hey DDPP Vancouver ladies,

Sadly the last DDPP as I know it will end this Sunday June 22 but Malcolm a DDPP regular is continuing with some same but different dance practices that you can partake in.

Here’s the info.



ID : starts Thurs., July 3, 2008; Lady Hop, Sun., July 6, 2008.

Hi Everybody!

As some of you know, I’ve initiated ID: intentional dance workshops, forked Dance Dance Party Party into Lady Hop AND set up a web space devoted to intentional dance, to keep people informed not only of my workshops, but others in the Vancouver area.

ID : identity : id : internal dialogue : intentional dance

Thursdays, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, EXCEPT the 2nd Thursday of every month, at the DharmaLab, 1814 Pandora St., corner of Salisbury, one block east of Commercial Drive and 2 blocks north of Hastings St. Click here for map.

*May add a Monday, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, session – please let me know, if this is a better time for you, or if you’d be interested in practicing twice a week.

~All too often, we forget or ignore the fact that EVERYTHING we know is learned via the body and its senses, let alone that 50 to 90% of communication is done physically and/or via vocal tone. ID workshops will be a place for women and men to expand their intelligence, creativity and personal potential by getting to know and work with their own bodies.

The only real rule will be no judgment.

Participants will be asked to choose an intention for each session: something they want to see actualized, or a question they would like to see answered. Sessions will start and end with a sharing circle, with the level of sharing left up to each individual. Music will guide explorations as participants forge strong relationships with their bodies, minds, souls and/or each other. This could be through meditation, movement, vocalization or something else. Participants will be invited to deejay sessions and share body-mind knowledge. All levels and permutations of physical, emotional and spiritual identity welcome. Emphasis on fun.

These workshops will incorporate ideas from Boing (Jane Ellison/Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen), 5Rhythms (Gabriel Roth), Kundalini, Dance Dance Party Party, yoga plus other body-mind and achievement oriented philosophies.

Dress comfortably. Bring some water.

Cost: By donation (since I’m just starting up).

For more info, call Malcolm: 604-872-6267.

Lady Hop

Lady Hop is a weekly women’s only dance workshop happening on Sundays, 11:00 am to 12:30 pm, starting July 6, 2008, at Mt. Pleasant Community Centre, 3161 Ontario Street (16th and Ontario). Click Here for Map. (Note that in the fall, we’ll be moving to the brand spanking new and sparkly Mt. Pleasant Community Centre at 1 Kingsway!)

It is a continuation of the Dance Dance Party Party workshops begun in Vancouver by actor/comedienne/writer extraordinaire, Sara Bynoe.

Lady Hop is just like ID : except the intentional/meditational/get in touch with your Self aspect will not be stressed as much as the physical, flail around and shake your booty aspect. You wanna dance like nobody’s watchin? Meet nobody.

As with ID :, participants are invited to deejay sessions.

Dress comfortably. Bring water, though there is a fountain right outside the room.

Cost: $7 per drop-in.

Call Malcolm (yes, a woman) at 604-872-6267 for more info, or email malcolm(dot)8(at)gmail(dot)com.


Check this site for:

About Me

Malcolm van Delst has studied body-mind centering with Jane Ellison (Boing) for over four years and is an avid practicer of 5 Rhythms, Kundalini Dance, Dance Dance Party Party, yoga and other achievement oriented philosophies. She’s actually practiced 5 Rhythms/intentional dance since the early 90’s, though didn’t have an appellation for it. She’s a writer, designer, photographer, filmmaker, musician and comedian. She has a web site that doesn’t do her justice at CuteLab.com.

Phew! Email or call me anytime with questions.

Looking forward to moving with you at ID :, Lady Hop, 5 Rhythms, Boing, Kundalini Dance….



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