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Outdoor Tuesday Dancey Hangouts Part II

Hi Dancers!

I meandered around John Hendry park last Tuesday and it seems like a great option. I suggest we meet in front of the Trout Lake Community Centre around 8pm. There’s free parking until 10pm, and more importantly : bathrooms and water fountains! I suggest we dance in the northwest grassy section as it’s near the centre, but a bit away from the lake, trails and beaches. I tried out my small speaker that I use with my computer and it actually sounded pretty decent! But it might get drowned out with more people around, so if you have some amplification tool you want to bring feel free. Also some kind of table to put it on might be good because the grass was a bit long (and damp that day).

Just to note, this is a totally unofficial event! I won’t be organizing DJ’s or playlists (I’m happy to hit shuffle on my master DDPP iTunes playlist, or you can bring the music!) There will not be any fees (if that wasn’t obvious) and people are welcome to bring whomever they choose. I think that corner of the park is part of the off-leash area so you could probably even bring your dog if you like! The only rule I think we should stick by is NO JUDGEMENT.

Screenshot (1)


Outdoor Tuesday Dancy Hangouts

Hey Ladies! Some of us were talking about keeping the Tuesday night dream alive by dancing (and/or hanging out in general) at an outdoor venue. We’ve settled on Trout Lake at 8pm!

That being said, I have not sorted exactly where we should meet, or how we’re going to amplify music to dance to!  The weather forecast isn’t looking great right now, so for this Tuesday July 5 I will go to Trout Lake and wander around/stake it out for potential future hangouts. If anyone wants to join feel free to connect with me by email or FB and I can send you my cell number to communicate more easily! For now enjoy this dancing polar bear, and hopefully we’ll get something more established happening by July 12😉

dancing polar bear.gif


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