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Mix #3 from our Resident Doctor : DJ Dr. Feelgood! This month’s prescription is simple – Happiness. But we all know that you can’t smile all the time, so it gets a bit dark too… just circle back girl – you’ll make it 🙂

I liked dancing to the song, and it certainly is happy, but the video is more like “look at me being rich and famous!” which is not the coolest IMHO.  But I was swayed back by the dog on the Sea-Doo… probably because I love dergs (erm, dogs), and last summer I discovered that Sea-Doos are pretty much the most fun thing ever!


Valentines Whiplash aka #BonerJams ’17

We can hardly believe that it’s DJ NoHooves’ very first time! 🙂 Thanks to one of our favourite regulars for stepping up on this oh-so-special day with this wicked mix of um, “love” inspired tunes! To paraphrase our DJ : the mix was going to be a back & forth of sweetheart songs and boner jams (hence the whiplash)… but it turned out there were just WAY too many great boner jams! I love it. And as my co-den Mama wished me at the end of the night “Happy VD everyone!” 😀


^ This was my high school boyfriend’s favourite song, along with “Sexbomb” by Tom Jones. I’m not even kidding…


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