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The Bonehead Mixtape!


DJ LA-zee rocked it tonight with this Bonehead Jam inspired by our #BonerJams sessions (part 1 & part 2)!  What a fun and goofy mix – so absolutely delightful to hear Gangnam Style again and dance it out hard with a group of like-minded ladies. Plus anything from The Little Mermaid is going to make me smile. AND WE GOT RICKROLLED! Then a sing-a-long at the end? Pure joy. Thanks dancers!

i maybe sort of love this movie…

Road Trippin’ with DJ Dr. Feelgood!

DDPP Playlist #4

DJ Dr. Feelgood took us on an a road trip spanning 6 decades, with all her favourite songs to dance to in the car. From 1962 to 2017, this is a great mix with a lot of new-to-(our)-DDPP tunes. This DJ is going on hiatus for a bit – have a wonderful trip!

Here’s a link to the oldest song – Do You Love Me? – choreographed by Kenny Ortega for the Dirty Dancing movie:

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