• The Basics

    WHAT:  fun-focused female only free-form dance! (About)

    Mt Pleasant Community Centre, Vancouver, B.C.

    Tuesdays @ 8:15PM
    (see current dates)

    HOW MUCH: $7
    Pay at the main desk and bring your receipt to class.

    Contact Darlene @ darmirara(at)gmail(dot)com

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DJ Dr. Feelgood’s Recipe for Dance!

“Dance Recipe – Mix, Re-Mix, Then Cover”

Our clever DJ Dr. Feelgood mixed up a delicious blend of tunes for us this week!


I also super this Junior Senior song, cause I feel like it’s the most basic and pure description of #DDPPVanCity :

Everybody, move your feet and feel united / Oh oh oh, yeah!


DJ LAzee & DJ WTF‘s Dance Apocalyptic!

Duo DJ’s drop da bomb on DDPPVanCity!

Between wild weather, unbelievable politics (I’ve had to be pinched regularly since 2016), and an array of other freaky shit, it certainly has stared to feel like the end times…

to quote His Purpleness :

“Everybody’s got a bomb, we could all die any day, but before I’ll let that happen I’ll dance my life away!”

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